Licentiate degree

On November 23rd I successfully defended my licentiate thesis, where Christian Schulte acted as opponent. Besides giving tons of valuable feedback on my approach, he summarized my thesis with the following bullets:

  • Convincingly demontrates that short-term underground mine scheduling
    • can be understood as a flow-shop problem
    • can be elegantly modelled using constraint programming
    • can be solved efficiently using CP non-naively
    • that the obtained solution has potential of adoption in underground mining
  • Expertly written regarding
    • scholarship – discusses approaches to mining as well as to flow-shop problems
    • rigor – succent mathematical presentation based on publications covering methodology and application domain
    • flow – a coherent monograph that is a pleasure to read
    • scope – ranging to an unusual reflection of potential adoption

Besides thanking Christian for acting as opponent, I would also like to thank Mikael Johansson, Jenny Greberg, Kateryna Mishchenko, and Alessandro Zanarini for all your valuable advice.